Lionel A. Stange

Emeritus Entomologist
Curator of Neuroptera
Phone: 352-372-3505 x 126
Fax: 352-334-0737
s-Mail: PO Box 147100, Gainesville, FL 32614-7100
PhD: University of California, Davis.

World expert on Neuroptera, especially antlions (Myrmeleontidae). Work on taxonomy of New World Vespidae (esp. Zethus) and Megachilidae (esp. Anthiidini). Member Of Florida African Bee Task Force.

Courtesy Professor at Florida A & M University and the Department of Entomology and Nematology, University Of Florida (Graduate Program). Also Field Associate with Florida Museum Of Natural History and Research Associate with Los Angeles county Museum of Natural History. I work in biological control, especially as identifier of parasitic wasps. Have conducted past projects on mole crickets, citrus root weevils, and citrus blackfly.

Previously worked in Argentina as a Contract Professor Of Entomology with projects in Insect Ecology and Taxonomy including a three year project on the Creosote Bush Desert Entomofauna of Argentina. I taught courses in Insect Morphology, Immature Insects, Aquatic Insects and Parasitic Hymenoptera. Worked on cork oak insects in 1963.

I have published 70 papers on bees (5), wasps (9), snails and slugs (10), and Neuroptera (25). Major works include a revision of the genus Zethus F. of the Western Hemisphere and Myrmeleontidae. I am currently working on a world catalog of Myrmeleontidae, Revision of the antlions of the Western Hemisphere, faunal papers on Zethus, and Neuroptera of Florida. I have traveled to Europe, North Africa, southern Africa, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

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