Misc. Insect Orders at the Museum of Entomology (FSCA)

Michael C. Thomas, Head Curator and Curator of Orthoptera
G. B. Edwards, Curator of Thysanoptera
Lionel Stange, Curator of Mecoptera and Neuroptera
Gary J. Steck, Curator of Anoplura, Apterygota, Mallophaga, Trichoptera, and other minor orders.


Apterygota includes the orders Collembola, Diplura, Microcoryphia, Protura, and Thysanura. Collembola are well represented with approximately 450 vials of identified specimens, originally derived from the collections of G.F. Knowlton and N. Wilson; this collection continues to grow with Florida material identified by R.J. Snider.



Holdings in these orders total 6,273 specimens, primarily from the collections of B. Edmondson, K.C. Emerson, K.C. Kim, H.S. Peters, and N. Wilson. Label data for all slide-mounted Mallophaga and Anoplura is available in a computer database.

The Mecoptera, with a total of 4,800+ specimens, form one of the best North American collections of this small order.


Psocoptera are represented by approximately 600 vials and 1 drawer of material mostly identified by E. Mockford

The flea collection comprises approximately 7,000 identified, slide-mounted specimens representing about 190 taxa. Major contributors have been A.H. Benton and J.N. Layne.

The holdings of this order derive mostly from agricultural identifications and the collection of J.R. Watson.

The caddisflies of the Museum, totaling over 26,000 specimens, are a major North American collection. Additional holdings in alcohol are maintained by the Entomology Department (FAMU). The main contributions have come from the collections of W.M. Beck, Jr., B. Mather, and W.L. Peters.




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