A Distributional Checklist

of the Beetles (Coleoptera) of Florida

by Stewart B. Peck & Michael C. Thomas


This checklist was derived from the electronic manuscript which was conventionally published in April 1998 as Volume 16 of the series Arthropods of Florida and Neighboring Land Areas. The introductory and bibliographic material and appendix and index were stripped, and the remainder, consisting of the checklist itself, was converted to HTML format through WordPerfect 7. It was then fine tuned using text and HTML editors. This is a "plain jane" list, with no frames, fancy graphics or sophisticated query capabilities. However, the family sections can be searched using the built-in search facilities of both Netscape's and Microsoft's browsers. The species list presented here is as published; we plan to add and revise as necessary in the future. Changes will be in red, so that they can be distinguished from original manuscript information. As noted in the published version, the authors solicit the coleopterological community for corrections, additions, deletions, and new information. We want this checklist to be a dynamic resource for all those interested in beetles in general and the rich and unique fauna of Florida in particular.

Michael C. Thomas, Ph.D.
Florida State Collection of Arthropods

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