Special Collections at the Museum of Entomology (FSCA): Bulk Samples 


One of the unique resources of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods is the extensive collection of over 30,000 trap samples (blacklight, malaise, pitfall). Although richest in Florida samples, various other geographic areas are well represented: Trinidad, Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Brazil, Southern Rhodesia, and many states of the United States.



 The following general rules apply to the use of these collections:

Material removed for study is to be mounted, labelled, and identified, with at least 50% of the specimens of each species returned to FSCA.

All material removed must be labelled in such a way that it can be retrieved in case the scientist is not able to finish his studies.

All HOLOTYPES and 50% of all Paratypes are to be placed in FSCA.

All samples are to be sorted at FSCA. This avoids damage in shipment and assures availability of all samples to the greatest number of users.

All jars are to be marked as to what group is removed, with the date and initials of the sorter.

Acknowledgments of FSCA are to be made in any resultant publications, and two copies of these papers are to be returned to the curator.

All material may be dissected for further study. Specific techniques are to be arranged with individual curators.

A progress report is to be submitted regarding all loans on January 1 of each year.

Contact Dr. Michael C. Thomas for more information.

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