Arachnida at the Museum of Entomology (FSCA)

G. B. Edwards, Curator of Arachnida (except Acari)


 The Museum of Entomology (FSCA) collection of arachnids comprises one of the largest such collections in North America.

Major holdings include collections from A.F. Archer, A.R. Brady, J.C. Cokendolpher, D.T. Corey, B. Cutler, G.B. Edwards, T.D. Gowan, R.R. Jackson, M.H. Muma, D.B. Richman, D.A. Rossman, K.J. Stone, H.K. Wallace, and W.H. Whitcomb. The families Salticidae (world-wide) and Lycosidae (North America) are particularly well represented.

A small but important Caribbean collection was deposited here and is presently being studied by Abel Perez Gonzalez in Cuba.

This collection, primarily from W. B. Muchmore, is the second largest in North America. It contains numerous types.

Most of the diversity of the scorpions in the Museum is due to the incorporation of the important collection of Erik Kjellesvig-Waering.

A small but diverse collection from M.H. Muma is housed here, including several holotypes.



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